C.R.I. Pumps offers a complete range of high performing STAR RATED Agricultural pumps. We offer a variety of agricultural pumps including Borewell Submersible, Open well Submersible and Surface Pump sets. Choose C.R.I.'s star rated agricultural pumps to save energy and money.

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Borewell Submersible

Major Applications
  • Agriculture, Irrigation & Sprinkler Irrigation
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Fountains, Gardens
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Civil, Rural & Industrial Water Supply
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Fire Fighting
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Pressure Boosting
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Mining
  • CRi Borewell Submersible De-Salination plants
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Food Processing Industry
  • CRI Borewell Submersible100mm (4") Submersible
    • Genie Series
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Pumps150mm/175mm (6/7"), 150mm/200mm (6/8"), 200mm/250mm (8/10") Combination Submersible
    • Congo Series
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Pumps125mm (5") Submersible
    • Nile Series
    • Nile+ Series
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Pumps200mm (8") Submersible
    • Bhima Series
  • CRI Borewell Submersible Pumps150mm (6") Submersible
    • Delma Series
    • Binda 6D Series
  • 125/100mm (5/4"), 150mm (6") Stainless Steel Submersible
    • Nile+ Series SS
    • steelix Series

Openwell Submersible

  • CRI Openwell Submersible PumpsVertical Openwell Submersible Pumps
    • CV & CVH Series
  • CRI Openwell Submersible PumpsHorizontal Openwell Submersible Pumps
    • CSM & CSM-J series
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Major Applications

  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Agriculture
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Domestic
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Irrigation
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Gardens
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Industrial
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Rural Water Supply

Surface Pumpsets

  • Monoblock models
    • ACM Series Pumps
    • JUMBO Series Pumps
    • VIRAT Series Pumps
  • CRI Openwell Submersible PumpsCompressor Pumps
    • Mono Compressor & Belt Compressor pump
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Major Applications

  • CRI Pump Openwell Submersible Pumps Domestic, Low yield Borewells
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Irrigation & Agriculture
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Farms, Gardens
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Industry
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Civil Applications
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Pressure Boosting
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Hotels, Apartments
  • CRI Openwell Submersible Pumps Drinking water Supply

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